Well balanced, sturdy, compact, elegant, short coupled,smooth coated toy dog.
Naturally well groomed, proud, vigorous and alert.

Precise hackney gait, fearless animation, complete self-possession and spirited presence.

Fearless & alert.

More elongated than short and round, narrow,without conspicuous cheek formation.
In proportion to body.  Skull flat when viewed from front.
Muzzle rather strong and proportionate to skull, nostrils well formed.
Nose black with the exception of chocolate and blue in which it may be self-coloured.

Fitting well into face.  Neither too full nor round,nor too small or slanting.  Black or nearly black.

Set on high, as small as possible, erect or dropped.

Jaws strong, with a perfect regular & complete scissor bite.
The upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws.

Strong yet graceful,slightly arched.Well fitted into shoulders.  Free from throatiness.

Forechest well developed & full,moderately broad; shoulders clean, sloping with moderate angulation.  Legs straight,medium bone,elbows close to body.

Square, back line straight, sloping towards rear.  Belly moderately tucked up.  Ribs well sprung, deep rather than barrelled.  Viewed from top slightly wedge shaped.

Parallel & wide enough apart to fit in with and properly built body. 

Cat-like, nails dark.

Undocked: continuation of topline.  Length to give an overall balanced apprearance.  
Docked: short.  Continuation of topline, carried a little high. 

Co-ordinated to permit a true hackneyed action.

Smooth, hard & short.  Straight & lustrous.  Closely adhering to and uniformly covering body.
Hair forming ridge on any head, body or legs highly undesirable.

Black, Blue, Chocolate with sharply defined tan markings on cheeks, lips, lower jaw, throat, twin spots above eyes and chest, lower half of forelegs, inside of hindlegs and  vent region, lower portion of hocks and feet.
All above colours have black pencilling on toes without thumbmarks, except chocolates which have brown pencilling.
Solid red of various shades.
Slight white on chest permissible but undesirable.

Height from = 25.5cm - 30cm ( 10 - 12 in ) at withers.

Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles
fully descended into the scrotum.

Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.




The Miniature Pinscher – often called “King of Toys” so aptly describes the Min Pin. 

He is just that!! King of all he surveys.

Although the Miniature Pinscher may resemble a small Dobermann, it is not - the breed is in fact 150, or more, years older than the Dobermann. Small dogs, very similar to the Miniature Pinscher, have been known in Germany and Scandinavian countries for several centuries. However the breed was not really standardized until 1895, when the Pinscher Klub was formed in Germany and set up stud records and a standard for the breed.

Descended from the Torfspitzgrupe (turf rat terrier group), whose origins have been traced back to the Stone Age. Originally bred in Germany as a ratter for the home and stables, where it was known as the Reh Pinscher, because of its resemblance to the small deer inhabiting the forests. The rest of its ancestry is a bit of a puzzle, it is thought that it may have been bred down from the old original German Pinscher with Italian Greyhound and Dachshund combined, but as there are no written records, this has not been proven.

The Miniature Pinscher was first brought into Australia in the 1950’s by George Byron of Sydney, who imported a pair of red dogs from England. These dogs were of American bloodlines, the bitch was imported in whelp, producing 2 bitch puppies, a good start for the breed here. Many other imports followed as the breed became more popular.

The Miniature Pinscher Club of Victoria was founded in 1971 by a small but dedicated group of fanciers and is still being run by a small like minded group today.

The Min Pin (as their admirers like to call them), is now found in most countries around the world, being a very popular show dog, pet and also prized as a willing obedience and agility competitor, especially in the USA where it is in the top 10 most popular breeds.

The Miniature Pinscher is a small dog (as its name suggests) that should be sound and in no way dwarfed, it is a large dog in miniature, every part in proportion.

Standing between 10 and 12 inches (25.5 – 30.5 cm) high at the wither, it is a well balanced, sturdy, compact, elegant, smooth coated and naturally well groomed little dog.

The Min Pin comes in four acceptable colours, the most common and popular in the show ring is red - a solid red of various shades, some with a sprinkling of black hairs throughout the coat known as stag red; black with tan markings – very popular with pet purchasers; chocolate with tan markings – very popular but somewhat uncommon and blue with tan markings – rather uncommon, although there has been more of these being bred recently.

One of the most appealing traits of the Min Pin is its flashy high stepping gait, bred to trot like a hackney horse, with its tail and head held high and proud; it is eye catching wherever it goes.


Not a dog with a huge appetite, due to its size, a good quality super premium dry food is the easiest and most economical way to feed the Min Pin and will keep its coat healthy and lustrous. Generally they are not fussy eaters and will inhale any food put in front of them. Naturally well groomed, the Min Pin requires very little in the way of coat maintenance, the occasional bath, a fortnightly toenail trim and a weekly rub down with a rubber mitt will keep him in tip top condition. For the show ring, the whiskers may be removed and any feathering that is present on the backs of the legs, underside of the tail or under the belly should be trimmed, to keep a clean and neat appearance, a spray with show gloss, a quick polish with a soft mitt and the Min Pin is ready for the ring.

Being a smooth coated dog, the Min Pin will need to be kept warm in winter, either with a coat and warm draught free kennel with plenty of blankets or indoors in front of the heater, is a favourite place.

The Min Pin loves to join you on walks and once he is mature, can go quite a long way.

A very active dog, who also loves to snuggle up in bed under the doona, they make great hot water bottles.

Fences need to be checked for any small holes that may be able to be escaped through, if a hand can fit through so may a Min Pin. Not generally an escape artist, he just could be on the trail of a rat or mouse or some other critter and find himself on the wrong side of the fence.

Unless well trained, it is not wise to let them off lead in unfenced areas, as they are a ratting breed and will very quickly follow the scent of an animal and may become lost.

Average lifespan is 14 to 16 years.

Generally a very healthy breed requiring little veterinary care, they have been known to live for 16 years and within this time the only vet visits required are for their annual check-up and vaccination. Occasionally luxating patella’s do occur, as with many toy breeds, but recently this has become a rarity in the Miniature Pinscher. Reputable breeders will be aware of this and will breed to avoid the problem.

The Miniature Pinscher is a small dog with big attitude, a toy dog only in name not in nature; no one told them that they are only 10 to 12 inches high. They should have fearless animation, complete self possession, a precise hackney gait and above all a spirited presence, but they are usually aloof with strangers. An excellent watch dog, letting you know when there is someone about but not barking unnecessarily. Very loving of their family, be it one or many, they would give their life to protect yours. A large dog would do best to avoid their wrath, as again size does not matter to them. Very trainable, with a firm hand, they are not a dog for the faint hearted, willingly competing in obedience, agility, jumping, flyball, earth dog, lure coursing or most other doggy sports. Small enough to fit into any size home but big enough to be a satisfying companion for any member of the family.

All in all the Min Pin is a robust little dog, with a big attitude, easy to care for and happy in a small yard or on a farm, making the perfect house dog who loves to go for a run.

He commands attention with his flashy gait and shiny coat, wherever he goes.

Truly the “King of Toys



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